What I’m Drinking


  1. Water
  2. Black Coffee
  3. Sparkling Mineral Water
  4. Lime-flavored Sparkling Mineral Water
  5. Almond Milk, unsweetened

The first three I may drink anytime–and I’ve significantly increased water intake. If I drink coffee during an eating window, I might add butter and/or almond milk. The last two I limit to eating windows, even though the Lime Perrier is flavored with essential oils so it shouldn’t trigger an insulin response.

I’ve cut out sodas due to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I’ve cut out a lot of things to eliminate those two in my diet and after 2+ weeks of no snacking, I very rarely want to graze. It’s amazing how little food I consume with this way of eating due to time restrictions and food bulk. While low-carbohydrate foods are certainly more expensive (here’s looking at you, government subsidies of processed grains), their bulk helps ease the pain in the pocketbook. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you ate two servings of potato chips… then consider the last time you ate two servings of broccoli. The real food made you feel fuller.

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