The Backroads Baptist

On the Backroads Baptist, we’re rural and Reformed.

Occasionally you’ll hear about faith, worship, politics & liberty, hobbies, and anything that generally interests me, your humble hillbilly host: Ryan Cornett.

But right now I’m focused on two very brief podcast formats: Scripture Memory and Rapid Theology.

Scripture Memory episodes are pretty self-explanatory: they’re to help listeners (and me!) memorize scripture. I simply record verses and use repetition and “scaffolding” to start small and work up from there; it’s how I memorize long passages, and my hope is it will help many others. There are few things more important than hiding God’s Word in our hearts. In the first half of 2021, the goal is to memorize Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

Rapid Theology episodes are to help folks get a quick taste–to get a quick reference of understanding. There’s no intention on my part for these to be comprehensive; I simply hope to whet appetites so listeners seek out more information. Typically, I focus on verses from our scripture memory, what I’m teaching or preaching, or a current event and how theology helps us understand our world.

So get off the main road, pull up a rocking chair, and let’s talk about a little bit more than the weather.

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