Mountain Music

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In addition to church music, I love to dabble in old-time Appalachian mountain music and clawhammer banjo.

I recorded some tunes and songs a few years ago, and I figured I would share them with the world. I’m not a talented musician by any means, but I had fun recording these, still enjoy them, and hope you do too.

Track list:

  1. Old Tick Licker (original tune)
  2. Granny Went to Meeting With Her Old Shoes On (traditional)
  3. Sourwood Mountain (traditional)
  4. Valley Forge (traditional)
  5. Elzic’s Farewell (traditional)
  6. This Road (original song with Lonnie Osborne-fiddle)
  7. Robinson Creek (original tune with Kenneth Bolin-mandolin & Joey Wilder-guitar)

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